Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not Working

Yup, that's right. I finally got the chance to talk things over with Henry regarding how I felt at work. I honestly don't know what's gotten into me but I've already decided that I don't want to pursue my career at eTelecare anymore.

I was happy during the first month, but as weeks passed by, erroneous payroll, incompetent nurses, overtime that takes months before payout, and the account we were to handle all just made me feel the urge not to go to work anymore. This is my third contact center and by far, the one with the hardest and un-user-friendly system.

Imagine this, you're speaking with a customer while running six (6) different systems that look like it was made before Windows was invented. One system would provide customer info, one for billing, another one for services the customer is subscribed to, a different system to view bills from last year, another system for troubleshooting, and yet another one for payments. I'm not including the system we use as our resource for policies and other info about the program, our coverage checker tool, our call trackers, and a lot of other systems that all in all leaves an agent with around 20 Internet Explorers open with every single customer interaction.

Henry and my mom in law are naturally a bit worried that we might come into financial shortage as I will be without income, and Henry's trips are coming to a close already. We have two kids, plus the everyday and monthly expenses we have are enough to make our heads spin just thinking of it. But I guess they should have known me more - a new company already gave me a call earlier for a job interview.


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