Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting Things Right

I mentioned previously that one of our goals for 2008 was to make sure that that year does not end with us still living in an apartment. Another one we added was to try our best efforts to purchase a car as well. I don't want my kids growing up commuting, as I personally didn't. Second, pollution rates are different from what they used to , not to mention UV radiation and other global problems. I also want their travels to be as comfortable as possible, which is also primarily why I wanted our own means of transport.

What Henry and I were also discussing were the options of buying a new one or a used one. If it were new, of course it would have its own warranty and maintenance at the store we'll buy it from. But if it's used, I told him we better have a reliable source of car parts just in case.

Auto parts are abundant and some shops sell them at ridiculously low prices, but then it makes you wonder where they came from. I wouldn't want to get into any trouble with buying parts reported as stolen, so I want to make sure the company that will be providing spare parts is a reputable one.

If we were to by a Ford SUV, Ford auto parts would also be something we should consider. Since most second hand cars are more affordable but new cars come with service and repair, we'll have to do a bit more thinking about it.


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