Monday, May 19, 2008

If My Pants Could Talk!

At work, during Mondays to Tuesdays, we are required to wear something formal. But come Wednesday and if you have a shift up to Sunday, you can wear jeans. That's like more than half of the week that we wear casual clothes. Which reminded me of this Dockers contest that I read about in one of the sites that I get sponsored posts from.

I got into thinking about how a day in my pants would be like. During the night when I leave home, my jeans go into the scrutiny of finding a good pair of shirt to go with them. Then, my jeans ride the bus to work, and then when I am already at work, my jeans normally sit down for around eight hours with me and get to walk around during my breaks. During my two fifteen minute break, my jeans mingle with other jeans - the jeans of those of my officemates. When it's my one hour lunch break, my jeans sometimes get a taste of what I have for lunch - especially when I spill some of my lunch on it. Occasionally, my jeans get a drink of coffee every now and then, and often a couple of sips of water during the nine hours of work that I spend at work.

My jeans then ride another bus going home, and sometimes my kids sit on my jeans when I play with them when I get home from work. When I change to clothes that I normally wear when I am home, my jeans are left hanging in our dresser, ready for another day at work.

What about you? What would a day in your pants be like? Maybe you'd like to share what a day in your jeans be like especially since there is a Dockers TV Commercial contest. I wonder what kind of day the jeans who'd win in the Dockers contest go through.


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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Third Day

My mom in law and I started going to the gym last Friday, and today is our third day. I find it funny that we willingly submit ourselves to grueling exercises and lifting weights at the gym and knowingly waking up to an aching body afterwards all for the sake of losing weight. When at work, I can barely move around but I don't mind it the least.

I'm currently really over my ideal body weight, and I really need to work out. Aside from health reasons, I also want to look and feel good. I'm glad that I have my mother in law to work out together with me so that I don't get lazy and I have the experience to share with her.

I hope I manage to get another bottle of Hydroxycut though, as I only have 60 caps which is only good for 10 days. If I start drinking it, I won't have any more to continue drinking until I reach my weight goal.

I'm going to rest now, because after my mom in law and I spent an hour and a half in the gym, I went straight to blogging and have not stopped since. My eyes need rest...
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