Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not Working

I'm not working anymore!!!

All that's left for me to do is to file my resignation at eTelecare and I'm done for. I already have a new job for VXI and I'll be starting on January 7, 2008 and they'll be calling me for the orientation date. I am thinking that this job will be a bit better because of the location, and second, I still get the same base pay anyway. This job is like 30 minutes away from where I live, pre-shift OT is highly encouraged, and most of the shifts start at 2am and end at 11 am.

A letter from eTelecare arrived yesterday demanding that I come back to work and explain why I haven't been doing so.I'll probably send out a fax today, and that's about it. If ever I'll be going there, I'll just pick my jacket and my mug up and that's it.

Henry was right the first time around when he discouraged me from applying there. One of his co-workers worked there previously and also was not satisfied. So with my eldest sister Elena. Where she currently works there are also a lot of employees who left eTelecare despite the big salary.

Oh well, at least I can focus my energies on blogging until January 7, plus I get to spend the holidays at home.


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