Monday, December 3, 2007

I Need Cash for Holiday Shopping

I need cash for shopping this Christmas!

Well, who doesn't? I've been doing a lot of thinking about getting a payday loan so I have enough cash to buy the people I love what they want this Christmas, instead of getting them what I can afford. My only concern is that I've never applied for payday loans yet, and I'm not sure where to start, what are the terms available, and how the payment process goes. Worse, I absolutely don't have time to go look for a store where I can apply for a cash advance since my work entails me to be on the night shift and our shift changes every week or so, let alone have time for my kids and sleep.

Aside from not having time, I also don't know how to get approved for my loan, how to choose a lender to loan from, and how these loans actually work. Since I do most of my transactions online like shopping, banking, bill payments, etc., I'd also love it if I could find an online payday lender. And one more thing, if the loan could be deposited straight into my bank account without me having to go back to the store just to get my check, that would be perfect.

So let's do a recap. I'm looking for an online lender that would directly deposit my loan to my bank account to save me the hassle of going to and from the store or bank where I'd get my loan, a lender that would provide me with information I need about getting a loan, getting approved for it, and how it works, and how to choose a lender in case I need to do comparisons and stuff.

I'd like the luxury of applying for a loan anonymously so I can save face when it doesn't get approved (lol), I don't want to stand in long lines or leave work early so I can get to the store or bank before it closes, and I want to have access to all the information I need about loans instead of having to ask people at the store about it. All of these I found at Cash Advance $1500.


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