Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Real Shifting Schedule

When I first applied for a job at eTelecare I was informed that the schedule we were to have was not stable and it would be a shifting one. Well, they weren't kidding. Initially, the schedule I had was a 7am-3pm shift, which was replaced by a 4pm-1am one, then followed by 5am-2pm, and there was this one time we were asked to come in 11pm-8am. The interval days (or should I say hours) in between shifts were pretty harsh, but I honestly got used to it already.

For now, our Client Specific Training will be held on the same schedule, 5am-2pm. However, it'll be held at Libis instead of Shaw, where our office is. I honestly hate that place, since it's so not accessible and the road I need to walk on is honestly not that safe.

I'm just glad that the training will only be conducted for a week, then we're back to Shaw again. When our office said the schedule was shifting, they were really right. Little did my team and I know that not only the schedule was shifting, but there would also be occasional location changes as well.


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