Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last 2 Days in Eastwood

For my work this week, which started from Tuesday and ends this Saturday, we were assigned at the eTelecare office at Eastwood City Libis, Quezon City which is currently one of the places I hate primarily due to the fact that it is very inaccessible and the path I have to take along Cubao is honestly not that good. Seeing a lot of people bystanding and sleeping on cardboard mats along the streets honestly makes me nervous.

Second, there is no footbridge access so you literally have to run across the highway with speeding cars to get to Eastwood. I'm not that good of a crosser, particularly if there's no official way to cross and there's no near stoplight to help.

Lastly, I hate having to walk a great distance just to get to where the jeeps going to Rosario or Citibank is, considering that I'm a terribly slow walker.

I'm glad that we only have two more days left in Libis and after this, we're back in Shaw Boulevard on a night shift that starts from 8pm-5am.


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