Monday, November 5, 2007

I Need Help with my Motorola V3

For people who read my blog, I will be very much thankful for anyone who can shed light on how I can transfer the pictures I have on my mobile phone, a Motorola V3 to my PC. I have the USB cable and all, but when I plug it in and after my PC detects the new hardware and installs it, nothing happens after that.

I tried installing the Motorola Phone Tools program that came with the phone in the form of a CD, but that doesn't work with the phone I have. It keeps giving me an error message that states "Your phone is not detected" or something.

Unfortunately, for this type of phone, sending pictures via Bluetooth or Infrared is also not an option compared to Nokia phones, and the only thing I can think of at the moment would be to send each picture one-by-one through MMS to another mobile phone. Aside from being expensive, I also don't have someone to pass all my photos to since Henry and I share just one mobile phone.

I was really looking forward to uploading pictures from Keisha's birthday and some of Simone's pictures too, but I guess I'll have to wait until I figure this out.


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