Friday, November 9, 2007

Goodbye Travel Blogging

My days (or should I say months) of travel blogging has come to an end. The guy we four bloggers work for has called to a close on our travel blogging stint, and November will be our last month. I guess I'm just a bit sad since I've grown so accustomed and attached to the work that I had. For now I'll just focus on my other blogging jobs, the video music blogs and another blog in which I'm a contributor for.

I'll surely miss blogging about places I've never been to, and some that I actually have gone to. I'll also miss my new best friends, Wikipedia and Wikitravel.

Oh well, I guess good things really do come to an end. I'll just have to find a new blogging job to supplement the income I've lost. Hope my efforts of finding a new blogging job will be as successful as the one I previously had. I guess I shouldn't feel too upset, after all, I do already have a real job now at another call center. But I guess the real reason why I just love this job is that I get to do what I really love, writing.


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