Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And We Named Her Simone

  • written on 08-17-2007 from my previous blog.
Simone, our new baby, is getting pretty big pretty fast. I guess being breastfed does help a lot, plus the fact that her dad is pretty tall. I'm just glad that her older sister Keisha is almost over the "I'm jealous of the new baby" stage. I can even trust her to watch her kid sister for me while I make coffee, pee, or eat. She's also pretty reliable when it comes to running errands for simone.

Whenever I look at Simone, I sometimes wonder how our hearts make space to love when you're already full of love for someone else. Believe it or not, I honestly always thought I didn't need another kid, since I'm content with Keisha. Just looking at her makes me unbelievably happy. Never thought I could be happier having Simone around.


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