Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Day at Work

Yesterday was yet another day (or should I say night) at work, and I was so beyond tired I didn't even get the chance to blog.

I'm beginning to have more and more episodes of coming home and feeling like a dead cow. I fight off sleep while on the bus on the way home since I might just miss where I need to get off, and when I get home there are about a dozen things to do I just cannot sleep immediately as I would wish to.

Maybe it's about time that we hire a housekeeper. I wouldn't want to burden my mom in law with the kids, the chores, and manning the computer shop. But it's the scenario we currently find ourselves in and she doesn't even complain - which makes me feel all the more worse.

So here I am, I got home past 9:00am due to a general assembly that was mandatory that we attend. And it's almost noon, so I won't be getting eight hours of sleep as I had planned.


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