Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Week in CST

This week is our last week in our Client Specific Training for Sprint over at my work, eTelecare. I'm pretty excited and nervous at the same time, since we'll be moving on to Learning Lab, which is another two weeks of training for us. What's different from Learning Lab and CST is that in Learning Lab, you actually get to practice all the theories you learned in CST since you get to take real, live calls. It's sort of like a prep for when you get to the production floor where you get calls almost all the time.

I'm a bit sad though because our class for CST will more likely than not be split into two teams once we get to the floor, since a class of 23 as our trainer stated, was more than what a regular team leader handles. Speaking of our trainer, Donna Asistio, she is also a very cool trainer. We learn a lot about our account in a very fun way. It's a bit sad that we have to part ways, but that's just the way things go. I'm glad that we had the chance to know each other and spend a whole month together, since she's really fun.

Our team is really lucky to have been blessed with a great roster of trainers, from Ef and Jackie during our New Hire Orientation in October, to Carnel in Foundations Training during the first week of November, and Donna for our CST. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that out trainer for Learning Lab will be just as great as they are, since these people have really set the bar high for us, and we expect no less than the excellence and professionalism that we're used to with our trainers.

Tonight our team will probably discuss what to do on our last day of CST, like if we'll end up going somewhere or if we'll buy Donna a present, or if we'll just order tons of food and eat it at work with her. Whatever we decide on, I'll keep you posted on it.


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