Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mister Gammon

Here's another website I recently stumbled upon for backgammon aficionados - it's called Mister Gammon.

I've blogged about other online casinos and other backgammon sites, and this one is something that should be added onto your list of websites to visit. Mister Gammon features online backgammon on a very easy-to-use web page. Everything you need to know about playing backgammon online is right in front of you when you access the site's home page. You can download the best online backgammon games, get hot online backgammon playing tips, and take part in world-class backgammon tournaments either for fun, or for real money.

The website also has a pretty cool logo, which really made me smile when I first visited the website. What is it? You'll have to visit the site yourself first to find out.


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