Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Great Day

It's 2:00am where I am now, and I'm awake because I'm seeing Henry off to work today. I'd just like to tell you guys that my mom's birthday went really well, except for one thing. Since I was a bit late going there, the food I had delivered to my mom's place arrived before I did, so it sort of ruined the surprise. But it was still OK though, mom was really happy.

Henry and I took Keisha and Nicole with us. Keisha was her usual jolly self, save for the instance when she was feeling the need to poop. I guess she doesn't like pooping at somebody else's house, but she still did.

We took turns carrying Nicole as she is heavy, and although she was crying a bit when someone else carried her, later in the day she wasn't crying at all and even smiled a lot.

In all fairness, I would say that our surprise party for our mom's birthday party on December 12 went well. She even called me later when I got home to thank me, and she did that twice. Maybe we should have more of these whenever there are occassions.


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