Monday, December 17, 2007

Shopping with Keisha and Monic

A couple of days ago (Dec. 15 to be exact), I went out with my mom in law and Keisha to StarMall to get a couple of clothes from Milk & Co. I wanted my mom in law to see the store; it was really elegant and didn't seem like a stockroom or warehouse at all. There were big, blue couches that Keisha kept tumbling on, while my mom in law and I were busy with the clothes and stuff. Keisha even met a playmate whose name I can't remember right now (lol) who was also 4 years old, and they kept running around the shop.

I got a striped green knitted blouse for myself, a striped red polo shirt for Henry, a green shirt for Monic, and the striped aqua-pink shirt that my mom wanted. Although we didn't get any clothes for Keisha, we did get her a toy sword which she kept wagging around the MRT. I felt as though she was about to make someone blind; good thing she felt sleepy and we were able to take the sword from her.

Keisha ate fried chicken at the food court, while my mom in law and I settled for a slice of pizza each while we were walking, which made it technically brunch. It was a really good day save for the fact that it was tiring, but I wish we had more days like this.


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