Sunday, December 21, 2008

VXI Christmas Party 2008 - SMX Convention Center

Yesterday was our Christmas Party and it was held at the SMX Convention Center. The venue was amazingly big. I honestly had a hard time moving around and finding friends as the place was big. VXI occupied Function Rooms 4 - 5. Imagine this, I had to text friends to find out where they were so that we could see each other.

The food was OK. There were two caterers - Friday's and Itallianis. I liked all the food that was there, too bad we were only entitled to one trip to the buffet table. There were also a lot of drinks, but I drowned myself in dalandan juice and iced tea, causing several trips to the washroom. I was more thirsty than hungry. There was also a specialty bar for those who wanted to drink alcohol, and as I predicted, the line was very, very long.

Going there was a challenge by itself. Henry and I initially planned on taking a cab all the way to Mall of Asia, where the SMX Convention Center is. But the traffic was horrible so we had the cab driver drop us off at the LRT station. So imagine me in a short black dress, heels and makeup commuting. After we got off the LRT, we took another cab all the way to SMX. Most of my friends were late and got stuck in traffic as well. I guess Henry and I were pretty lucky in taking the LRT.

I hung out with friends from the Welcome team, since I had a hard time finding my bosses from the QA department. I finally found them, hung out for a little while, and then went home. I didn't win any prizes in the raffle, but that's OK. I left the party early as Henry and I ate dinner at KFC, and then took a bus home. We got home almost quarter to 1am. I wanted to tour the mall than the party (sorry!) as it is my first time in MOA. But I guess I would have to say that the party went well.

I couldn't help but remember the sign I saw while we entered SMX - No request is too big for a venue this big. And they weren't kidding.


richard said...

Whaaaaaaaaaa buti pa you friend nag enjoy, for me it's ok, mas nag enjoy ako sa party last year and same here no luck sa raffle. I ended up with Welcome people in Dapo sa Timog, namely: Ads, Miss K, Emil, Gebboi, Fritzie, Dnag, Eric, Sha, Jel, Baby girl (Kate), Kate from Team 4, Ruel, Louie, Tanjo and a lot more, cant recall all of them and agents from wave 7....

Merry Xmas..

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