Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our First Digicam

Yesterday, Henry and I went to the mall to buy our first digicam. We had so many choices like the popular Sony Cybershot series, but we ended up buying a GE A735 black digital camera. We considered a lot of factors before buying this particular model, like the features, the look of the camera itself, and the cost.

This camera pretty much has the same features as a Sony Cybershot, like the red eye removal, smile detection, face detection, and an image stabilizer, which is perfect for me because I have really shaky hands and the pictures I take normally end up being blurry.

I took the camera today at work and took lots of pictures with my co-QAs. Taking the camera with me today was a great idea because I forgot that we had a pot luck at work and everyone was there. There was a lot of food and we all had so much fun.

My supervisor Roland is actually busy uploading the pictures we took, and I'll post them in another entry when I get home.


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