Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to Make a Wise Decision

I need help in making a decision.

Yesterday morning at work, the director for Quality Analysts spoke to me and one of my co - QAs and asked us a series of questions as though we were being interrogated. My co - QA John also handled an account I took in calls for almost a year and a half for almost as long as I did. We were then informed that VXI Los Angeles is opening a Customer Service line of business for this same account - and they were looking into the two of us assisting in training these agents in LA and also, in pioneering the QA team for Customer Service.

What VXI did in Inbound Sales is that they had Filipino QAs listen and evaluate calls for LA and Texas agents, which is where I am now. And since they did a good job, the client decided to have agents here as well. The client is planning on doing the same for Customer Service - with me and John spearheading the project.

In short, the director informed us of their plans of sending the two of us to LA.

I just got promoted two weeks ago as a QA, and I am so overwhelmed with the details divulged to us during our conversation. I am flattered, but I am also worried. We might stay in LA for 2 months, and just thinking about it makes me sad. I'll be away from Henry and the kids, and I just can't bear that thought.

I spoke with my good friend Doods about it, and I am lucky he understood. He understood my hesitation of being away from home, but also made me realize that this kind of opportunity doesn't come along often. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if things materialize and we'll take it from there.


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