Thursday, December 18, 2008

Excited about Tomorrow

Tomorrow I get my first 13th month pay from VXI. I an hoping it will be close to the amount I have in mind. I've been with the company since January 7, so I know it will be a bit big. We'll be using the money to buy a new fridge. I'm excited because in the 5 years Henry and I have been married, this will be the first time we'll buy a new fridge. The fridge we're using is my mom's, and it's been a fridge since I was a kid. Since it's old, it consumes a lot of electricity.

Hopefully there will be some left so that I can buy a new washing machine as well. My washing machine is almost 5 years old and has gone through many repairs. I also want to buy one with a dryer in it, so that during rainy days, I don't have to worry about clothes being wet for a long time, especially Keisha's school uniform.

I hope everything goes well tomorrow.


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