Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pics of Keisha's 5th Birthday Celebration

Keisha's Birthday Cake

The birthday girl

No More BlogRush Widget

I just finished deleting the BlogRush widget I've had for so many months. It's a sad moment for me, as I've grown accustomed to having the widget on my blog. Oh well, I guess it's true that the only thing constant in this world is change after all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keisha Blowing her 5th Birthday Candle

Happy 5th Birthday Keisha!

Happy 5th Birthday Keisha!

I'm actually writing this post at 4:35am where I'm at. I'm the only one awake - which isn't something new - and Keisha's fast asleep. Her grandmother told me that Keisha was really excited whenever she was reminded that she's going to have a big day tomorrow. I know I also have a big day tomorrow, with all the cooking to be done plus our trip to the amusement park and work in the wee mornings, but I don't mind. For Keisha, tomorrow may just be another birthday or she may even see it as another happy day but to me, every single birthday that my kids have is a milestone in my life. I love you baby.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Keisha and SRM's 24th Foundation Day

I'm finishing all of my blogging as early as now since Keisha has a big day ahead of her. I finally uploaded videos of Keisha I took with my low-tech low-megapixel cellphone which I swear I will replace before this year ends. So you'll just have to bear with me when watching these videos. I am consoling myself with the thought that at least I was able to capture something rather than nothing. :-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lasik Information

A laser form of LASIK, a technology that has helped civilians for more than 5 years in terms of vision correction, has been in use by the NASA and the US Military. Personnel who are faced with extreme and physical demanding conditions have one less thing to worry about thanks to the LASIK technology. “The DOD and NASA have validated the fact that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness,” said Steven Schallhorn, M.D., a retired U.S. Navy captain and leader of clinical research and studies done for the DOD regarding the use of LASIK. These personnel now do not need to worry about the clarity of their vision especially with the kind of work that they have.

Before, the LASIK procedure made use of just one laser in correctin vision but now, the modern LASIK, known as the iLASIK™ Procedure, uses two lasers instead of one. The iLASIK procedure also uses an ultra-fast computer-guided laser in correcting vision, aside from wave-front technology to map out the eye and create a corneal flap. These laser technologies make the entire procedure exceptionally safe, comfortable, and also creates a customized, precision-fit procedure that provides superb safety and visual results.

As the Military evaluated among their personnel, 95% were able to achieve 20/20 uncorrected vision, or even better. Also, naval aviators who have undergone the LASIK procedure would recommend the surgery to other naval aviators. Dr. Schallhorn was quoted saying “Technologically speaking, there is no better time than now to join the over 12 million Americans who have benefited from LASIK." For more LASIK information, you can visit their website,


A Really Great Week for Blogging

I've been raving about how lucky I've recently been when it comes to grabbing sponsored posts. I checked my email and found two opps from SocialSpark waiting for me. When I also checked out some available opps, I found another one I'm qualified and can take right away so just for today, I am making $15 worth of posts.

One of the reasons why I'm really glad is that Christmas is just around the corner and I'd like to save up for the holidays. My mom and my mother in law's brithdays are also up soon. Also, if my budget permits, I'd like to get Henry a really nice Christmas gift, although I don't know what he'd like as we recently just bought a PSP.

So there, I'm just thankful that I'm getting a lot of opps. I hope my friend Richard is also getting a lot of new opps to busy himself with too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A USB Turntable

If you happen to have a lot of old LPs, now's your chance to convert them to a CD or MP3 format easily and effortlessly. This USB turntable I'm talking about plugs directly into your computer using the included USB cable. In addition, it comes complete with dustcover, and all cables are included. For more info, you can click on the image below.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What We've Done

My mom in law, Henry, and I have decided to stay with Keisha's blog and not start a new one. The year we've spent working on the blog will just be put to waste if we were to start a new one and we'd have to go through the entire process of submitting it to directories, building links, and all the other stuff one has to go through in starting a blog.

What we've also decided is to not make any sponsored posts on Keisha's blog anymore. We're going to make the blog 100% about her, and we're also committed to posting daily (I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one). As I said before, we will also be posting pictures of her on a daily basis, and may even make the blog something like a photoblog with text.

Since we'll also be busy preparing for Keisha's birthday, I already went ahead and installed a new template. It's a pink 3 column template, and we've also decided on a new title. We've renamed it to Life with Keisha, and I think it's a pretty nice name.

I hope you'll drop by and visit the reinvented A Day in the Life of a Four Year Old, now named as Life with Keisha.

Get Paid to Post on ExtraDime

ExtraDime is this new site that I came across with. It's pretty cool since I'm an avid online shopper, plus I also go for making money online. ExtraDime is actually a forum wherein the topic of the forum is about discount coupons, online shopping deals, and even bank deals that not all people may be aware of. So really, it's a great way to know about where and how to shop, plus you also get to earn while sharing this info.

How do you earn? In various ways, actually. One is that ExtraDime lets their members share in advertising space, especially Google Adsense users. You can add your own Adsense banner in your signature that'll appear in every forum post you make. Also, each new thread you make that has original content earns you five credits, and meaningful responses to other threads also earns you 2 credits. Currently, ExtraDime's exchange rate is $1 - 100 credits, and payments are made through PayPal.

So for the shopaholics out there, why not earn while sharing your shopping tips with others at ExtraDime?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Should I or Should I Not?

Keisha's 5th birthday is 9 days away, and since I have her blog named A Day in the Life of a Four Year Old, I wonder if I should start a new blog for when she turns 5 or if I should just change the name of her blog to something else?

I am considering all the links that I have built towards her blog, and the directories I have submitted it to. Plus the fact that the blog has been around for over a year. It's hard just to set aside something that I've worked for.

But with a new blog, I can get a new address, and I'll probably have the blog under my account as I'm the one who posts on it more often. But somehow a part of me just doesn't want to start all over.

Maybe I should start with changing it's URL, then change it's template. And then what I'll do is post a picture of Keisha every single day. Make it something sort of a photoblog of sorts. And write about events that happen to her on that day.

I guess I have to think it over for a couple more days.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Moving Again???

We might just move again.

Yes, I know we just moved not even a month ago but my mom and my mother in law have been constantly ranting about how hot the new house is. Well, all I can say is, "That's what I said!"

The story behind us moving is the fact that Henry liked this house that we're in the first time he saw it. I didn't want to oppose his decision, but I don't think he noticed the fact that the first floor does not have any windows on it so during noon, it can be pretty hot. We have 2 exhaust fans installed, one in the living room and the other in the kitchen, but it just doesn't do the trick. What happens is, when it's hot outside, it's hot inside the house but when it's cool outside, it's cool here too. When Henry asked me to see the house, I told him it might be hot, but he said no. Worse, he already told the landlady that he'll be taking the house. So there, we moved in.

I refuse to think of the hassle moving will cause. The phone calls I have to make to our Internet Service Provider, the phone provider, and the cable provider to move the services (again) to a new address...ewww. We've already seen a house that's just nearby that we'll probably be moving to, so I guess we'll wait and see.

10 Days before Keisha's 5th Birthday

Keisha's turning 5 on the 29th of this month, and I am really looking forward to it. She's really excited about her 5th birthday but it's a bit sad that she won't be able to celebrate it at school as we had originally planned as it'll be her semestral break from school starting on the 28th. Henry and I decided to just take Keisha and Nicole to an amusement park for some rides and shopping. We'll probably eat out, but I'll still cook her spaghetti and buy her a birthday cake here at home.

I hope that she likes what her dad and I have in mind. We're all looking forward to a happy birthday for Keisha.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Goodbye Wisdom Tooth!

Yesterday I had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted. It never fully erupted, but it did grow in the right position. I guess it's just that my gums had no more space for the tooth. Out of 4 wisdom teeth, only 1 (the one in my upper left jaw) managed to erupt, but not fully. I think only half of it was able to surface out of my gums. I wasn't able to ask for the tooth, as I had initially planned. It would have been nice to upload some pictures as a souvenir but I guess that won't happen for this particular tooth. Maybe for the remaining 2 more I'd upload pictures of them.

I still have 2 more teeth to be taken out, both wisdom teeth in my upper jaw, in preparation for my braces. I haven't been talking about it openly with Henry though, as I sometimes feel bad whenever I recall our argument about the time we were supposed to go to the dentist and never did. Thinking about it makes me feel bad about the feeling I had before, the feeling that you're busy thinking about other people but no one thinks about you in return.

*Sigh*. Oh well, I guess that's just the way things are. I just hope my next tooth extraction goes well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong

Don't get me wrong. Nothing's changed with how much I love my husband. I guess this may be just a phase I'm going through at the moment wherein I see his faults magnified a million times over. I love him more than life. He's the father of my kids and there's no one else I'd like to spend the rest of my life with. My previous post is just one of those episodes wherein I'm in this phase I think I am in, and hopefully this will pass and soon be over.

I guess I just miss him since we rarely see each other. Provided the work we have, we just have a few hours each day to talk. When Henry comes home, I'm either asleep or already on my way out for work. The only day we have time for each other is on Sundays.

*Sigh* I hope this is sincerely just a phase.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Am I Bad?

I don't know what's gotten into me but lately, I just get ticked off really easy. As in really easy. Even the smallest things just send me to a fit and i either just stay in my room all day and get out only for bathroom breaks and when it's time for me to take a bath and leave for work.

I also feel bad about Henry lately. I've been wishing for braces and since we don't have enough cash to pay for the braces, I suggested getting a loan which he strongly declined. But when he said he wanted a PSP, he asked me to get a loan from one of my officemates so that he could buy one as soon as possible.

So there, I'm getting twice the money needed for my braces to buy him a PSP. I'm just consoling myself with the thought that Keisha can also play the PSP, but what about me? What about what I want and what I feel? I always think of others and lately I feel no one's thinking about me. I just feel so sad and I just can't help but sigh.

Is it bad to think about what you feel and need?
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