Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Miss Henry

The fact that Henry's not at home and is somewhere else is beginning to sink in. I'm beginning to feel a certain sadness that I can't explain. The food just doesn't taste as well when he's not around. Water doesn't seem to quench my thirst anymore, and days just seem to trudge by.

I miss how he prepares my packed lunch for work, and how he always waits for me to wake up around 11pm just so we can eat dinner together. Not that I'm saying the lunch my mom in law packs for me is not delicious, but somehow it just tastes different...everything feels different anyway.

Funny how I should be used to this by now as this isn't the first time he's left for Ilocos or for a long trip. But somehow I just never get used to it.

And to top everything off, I feel even sadder when Keisha is around. She looks so much like her dad it makes me miss him even more and want to cry.

*Sigh.* Later I'll be sleeping alone in our bed again, and wake up to another night at work without him.


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