Monday, October 13, 2008

Goodbye Wisdom Tooth!

Yesterday I had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted. It never fully erupted, but it did grow in the right position. I guess it's just that my gums had no more space for the tooth. Out of 4 wisdom teeth, only 1 (the one in my upper left jaw) managed to erupt, but not fully. I think only half of it was able to surface out of my gums. I wasn't able to ask for the tooth, as I had initially planned. It would have been nice to upload some pictures as a souvenir but I guess that won't happen for this particular tooth. Maybe for the remaining 2 more I'd upload pictures of them.

I still have 2 more teeth to be taken out, both wisdom teeth in my upper jaw, in preparation for my braces. I haven't been talking about it openly with Henry though, as I sometimes feel bad whenever I recall our argument about the time we were supposed to go to the dentist and never did. Thinking about it makes me feel bad about the feeling I had before, the feeling that you're busy thinking about other people but no one thinks about you in return.

*Sigh*. Oh well, I guess that's just the way things are. I just hope my next tooth extraction goes well.


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