Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Back!

The last week has been a total nightmare for me. I was without a landline and internet for a week, which of course meant that I could not blog (huhuhu) and I probably lost a lot of money due to my non-blogging.

We also moved to a bigger house with a bigger bathroom that Keisha just loves. I like the fact that the house is very big compared to the previous one we were living in for almost 4 years. I found the move pretty hard to do, as I had grown so used to the house and the neighborhood. Even though some of our neighbors are rowdy and unbelievably noisy, I loved that place. But with two growing kids, a bigger house just seemed the way to go.

I finally have my new landline and internet through a different provider. I'm now with Bayantel and so far liking what I'm seeing. The internet's really fast and the installation was even faster. The monthly plan is also the same as when I was with PLDT. What I didn't like about PLDT though is that they will charge P1,500 just to move the DSL and another P1,200 to move the phone. Worse, the phone would be installed first, and the DSL to follow a week or so later. WIth the initial installation I experienced with PLDT, my installation took almost more than a month before everything was fixed.

So there, we just decided to dump our previous telco and go with a new one. I'm not comfortable though with a PPPOE setup of DSL which I have now with Bayantel, since I was used to a DHCP setting of PLDT. But so far it's been alright, I haven't experienced any disconnection issues while I'm online.

We'll see how everything goes, and I'll try to upload pictures of the new house as son as we finish tidying up the place. I guess a bigger house holds a lot more cleaning responsibilities than I thought it would.


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