Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The "Look"

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When you're at a public place, say a bar, a party, or any other social gathering and you find someone that just simply catches your attention - what do you do? Of course, you put your best foot forward to make that good and lasting first impression and of course, you throw off a "look" that'll spark their interest and hopefully, approach you.

Whenever I want something done from my husband, I always give him this look:

For my husband, a smile always wins him over and pretty much puts me in control (lol). I can say that at that moment, when I woo him into doing what I want, I've achieved Victory Hair. It's when I get what I want and things go my way. Of course, a pout, a small frown, and a toss of my hair also do the trick.

The widget above is called the Ultimate Flirting Championship and it's a great way for you to test your flirting skills with other online people. This game is bought to us by Extreme Style by VO5. Since of course you won't be seeing each other through the game, your responses to the questions the players will provide, or the questions you'll be providing is a great way to get to know someone and who knows? You just might have met that special someone you've been looking for.

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