Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On Almost a Decade's Love Affair

written on 03-23-2007 from my previous blog.

My husband and I met during the last quarter of 1999, and we started going out in 2000. We've been together ever since. I just love this picture of us, just sad I can't rembemer the exact date it was taken. All I remember is that this is one of our friend's kid's birthday party. Looking at this photo never fails to put a smile to my face. We seemed so naive back then, not to mention the fact that we looked undeniably younger.

As I look back on everything that's happened in our relationship before we got to where we are now, I'm grateful for everything that transpired, regardless of whether they were happy moments or otherwise. All those moments made us who we are now, and I just love it. His hair may be thinner and me heavier due to childbirth (and yes, the occasional pigging out every now and then), but our love and respect for each other has grown much deeper and stronger.

I'm proud to say we are more mature and responsible in every aspect of our relationship with each other. It's almost as if we grew up together. We're the best of friends and rivals in online games. He's the only person I want around whenever I'm sick or upset. He's the only one who withstands my whims and has the patience of a mountain regardless of how many tantrums and made-up tantrums I throw at him. I'm glad he's the dad of Keisha and our soon to be second kid. I couldn't have wished for a better partner in rearing our kids.

After almost a decade's love affair with my best friend, my lover, my boyfriend, my soulmate and my husband, I love where I am now and I eagerly look forward to our lifetime together.


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