Wednesday, August 22, 2007


  • Written on 03-22-2007 transferred from my previous blog.
I was watching my kid sleep one afternoon, and I realized one roll of a 36 shot film was not enough to capture all of the funny and sometimes crazy things she does. She's just a bundle of energy that's always on the go. She's very enthusiastic about almost everything, and sometimes I feel she thinks nap times are a drag since she really can't do much but sleep.

I love the way she just tap's people's shoulders, says hi, and asks if they already know her. Mostly, people who play at our cafe already do, so she just sits back and returns to whatever she was doing (most of the time, she's on one of the pc's herself-imagine a 3 year old kid playing GTA or navigating sesame street's website while holding a bottle of milk).

And here I am again, watching her sleep through the night, thinking of what my kid could possibly do tomorrow that she hasn't done yet.


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