Sunday, March 30, 2008

Payout Madness

I can hardly wait for the coming payout this April fourth. This payout will have my overtime pay included and I am really excited about it. My teammates and I had to work on our day off and had to come two hours earlier every work day.

I am honestly not sure if anything will be left after my payout due to the enormous bills and debts that we have to pay, but I'm curious as to how the payout will be. In all honesty, this will be the second time in any company that I have worked for that I did overtime. It was a bit tiring, but I had a great time since I had the company of my friends. I hope that we will be permitted to render OT again soon, and I also hope that my payout will be as much as I expect it to be.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Start Your Free Poker League

Poker is a very popular type of card game wherein players bet on the value of the card combination called a "hand" that they're holding, and they place a bet in a pot. The person who has the highest value of the hand according to hand rankings, or if other players make fold or make an uncalled bet.

There are a lot of variations of poker, but all follow similar play patterns. PokerDIY is a free service that connects poker players, wherein you can start your own poker league and set up online poker tournaments, schedule poker games, and your results appear on your profile with PokerDIY.

If you're a poker aficionado, try out PokerDIY and find out for yourself how fun setting up a poker league of your own.

Reshuffling Teams

Our teams at work will be reshuffled early tomorrow morning, according to our team leader. Our site director wants the entire production floor to be "balanced," and the idea is to combine members of different teams with each other.

Our team has been together since January when we started training, and I would be a bit sad when the reshuffle happens. It would mean new people will be coming in to the team, some would be going to different teams, and it would also mean we'd have to learn how to get along with a different set of people altogether.

But I guess, in every work the only thing constant is change, so there's pretty much nothing we can do but to go with it. In a way, meeting new people means making new friends. I just hope everything goes well.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tricep Exercises

Who wouldn't want great looking triceps? At Wellsphere, the site offers great advice, tips, and videos from people who are also working on getting their triceps firm.

I personally tried exercising myself, although I didn't go to a gym, I followed an instructional Taebo video once. But I guess staying motivated is a problem every person who exercises encounters. In Wellsphere, they also have a forum where people can discuss their experiences in exercising their triceps, and working out in general. It's a great site to learn a lot of new exercises, and at the same time stay motivated by sharing your experiences with other people.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Want a Wii!

I didn't know that Charter Cable was having an auction on Charter High Speed Internet For Life. Bidding starts at $10, and it isn't bad, considering that you get reliable high speed internet for just $10. What's more, if you live in an area that's being serviced by Charter Cable, you also stand a chance to win in their Win a Wii sweepstakes.

Whoever wins in the Win a Wii sweepstakes gets the following:
- Nintendo Wii Console
- Wii Stand
- 5 sports games, namely boxing, basketball, tennis, golf, and bowling
- 1 Nunchuk controller
- 1 Sensor Bar
- 1 Wii AC Adapter and
- 1 Wii AV Cable.

Basically, if you're the lucky one, you will not be needing any other equipment in order to play. So, If you'd like to take part in the sweepstakes and win a Wii and bid auction-style on Charter's Internet For Life, then head on to this page for complete auction and sweepstakes rules.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Overtime, Over Time

It's been several weeks since I blogged, and it's because I have been using my time in doing overtime work at the office. I hate to admit it, but when Keisha was hospitalized, my husband and I pretty much used up our savings for her schooling this year.

Since it's DST already, I'm home 2 hours earlier but it also means I have to wake up and leave 3 hours earlier, as we don't do post shift overtime, rather it's pre-shift OT. I don't mind, since what's important for me is the time I get home, not the time I leave.

I have been neglecting some of the things I love doing, and to be honest, sometimes I go home literally drained and exhausted from hours of work without that much time for my kids. But I know for a fact that when they grow older, they'll understand. I should know, I went through the same experience myself.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nicole's First Tooth

With all the commotion that happened recently, I forgot to write that Nicole already has 2 little teeth peeping out of her gums. They're what we call her two bottom teeth, since the ones in front haven;t come out yet. Henry was the first one to notice, as Nicole was biting his hand, he felt something sharp. During that time, only 1 tooth was surfacing from her gums, the one on Nicole's left. But after a few days, the second one came out and they're almost the same size now.

I hope Nicole doesn't hate me for this when she grows up, but I wasn't able to remember the exact date when we saw it. All I remember is that it was during the 2nd week of February.

February 26, 2008

February 26, 2008 is a day that I will remember forever.

On this day, my wits was tested and my presence of mind was put to the test. I was sleeping during the night of this day since I had work at 2am on the 27th, when my mother in law woke me up to inform me that Keisha bit the thermometer. As I also suffer from asymptomatic high blood pressure, I saw my house spin and everything that I was looking at spin like I was in a bad dream. A very bad dream, and what made it worse was the fact that I knew I was awake.

I made my way down the stairs to find my eldest daughter crying. I asked her what in the world she was thinking, and she said in between tears that she didn't mean what she did. With my vision spinning, the back of my neck aching, and my head pounding, I honestly did not know what to do. My heart felt like it was stuck in my throat. I feared that she might have ingested mercury and that was poisonous. I told my mom in law to dress her up as we were going to the hospital.

I asked her for Henry as well, whom apparently had not come home yet from his meeting. I was so close to tears and with everyone with raised voices, I knew I was not feeling well. I also felt guilty when I even screamed at my daughter for doing what she did, and that she just might die. I sat down and called my mom. She confirmed my fear - go to the hospital as soon as you can. You don't know how much time you have. Keisha may have also swallowed bits of the broken thermometer glass which could damage her esophagus and her intestines.

As we were about to step out of the house, I saw Henry was walking down the street. I informed him of what happened in a semi-hysterical way, which added to everybody's anxiousness (I know, I'm terrible at emergency situations). So we went to the hospital and Keisha was admitted.

I was the first one to cry when she was administered a dextrose. And when she was being x-rayed and all. I only calmed down when she was being wheeled to her room. I found it hard to put up a strong facade when I wanted to just burst in tears. It's different when you're the one who's in the hospital, like when I gave birth to my kids, I was even smiling during and after the operation and all. But when it's someone you love, you wish you could just take the pain they were feeling or that instead of them, you were the one who was in that situation.

Henry tried to calm me down by telling me that I only reacted the way I did because I was abruptly woken from sleep and that I wasn't feeling well myself. He may be right, although I know he was just trying to be nice. I could have done so much more and I could have been more calm and supportive to Keisha.

We stayed the night there, and Henry and I ended up not being able to go to work. After several tests, we took Keisha home and all we're waiting for is the results of her mercury level test, to see how much she's actually ingested. During the night where we didn't sleep a wink, we watched for any symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness or stomach aches, all which she didn't have.

For now, we're just waiting and praying.
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