Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nurses and Scrubsmag

Scrubs are sort of like a nurse's uniform and its easy to associate a scrub suit with a nurse. Add on several TV shows that feature the life of nurses like ER, House, Grey's Anatomy, ordinary people like me learn a little bit of how the life of a nurse works out.

The site I just came across features the lifestyle of nurses. It's a very uplifting and positive insight into the very busy lifestyles of nurses. Scrubsmag is very direct to the point, and even offers tips given by seasoned nurses that beginners will certainly find useful.

I'm not a nurse, but I like watching the shows I mentioned earlier, especially House. I only found out in Scrubsmag that there are actually quite a few nurse shows that just didn't click. Here's the list I found in the article Top 10 Nurse Shows of 2009 That Didn't Make the Cut.

10. Nurse Shackie: Golf Course Triage Nurse!

9. American Vitals: Nurses Sing Out Their Charts!

8. Lost: The Crummier Moments in Travel Nursing

7. Law & Order: Super Cranky Charge Nurse Unit

6. Med Men: Male Nurses who Drink Bourbon and Have Impeccable Hair

5. 24: That's How Many Hours I Worked Today

4. Dancing in the Stars: Nurses Boogie in Their Favorite Print Scrubs

3. NCIS: NICU! Critical Care! I.V. Poles! Saline!

2. The Mental List: Nursing Students Recite Weird Mnemonic Poetry

1. FoghoRNe LeghoRNe: Tales of a Male Nurse Who Gets the Chicks

I also liked the article entitled Praying With a Patient. I liked how the recent nursing graduate did not want to offend the very ill patient by not joining in the prayer, and other people who were present because she was uncertain of their religious beliefs. As the saying goes, you really can't please everyone, and her concern was real. It's hard to be in a room and make a decision right then and there.

So there, those are just some of the stories you can read on Scrubsmag. Hope to see you guys there!



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