Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blogging Blues

Lately I've been getting the blogging blues. Sometimes, there are days when I know I have a deadline and I slack off doing something else. Before, I experienced a writer's block, wherein there were just some times I couldn't write anything.

Now, I'm beginning to feel whether some of the online jobs I have are really worth keeping. I'm questioning myself because I usually write my online work in bulk, during my days off from work. I question this because instead of me being able to spend more time with my kids during my days off, hours of it are spent in front of the computer, not to mention other chores like laundry.

But then again, at the end of each month, when I get ready to withdraw my PayPal funds, I have no regrets. I have extra cash to take the kids to the mall and do a little leisure shopping with them.


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