Sunday, May 31, 2009

Henry's First Day Off

Today is Henry's first and only day off from his training at Pilipinas Teleserv. You read it right, it's his first and only day off from work. Their company requires them to work 6 days in a week. I'm glad about the feedback he's giving regarding his training. He's obviously enjoying and having a lot of fun learning about TM.

I just hate seeing him so exhausted all the time. And since he takes his motorcycle with him on a daily basis, I worry for his safety on the road. I know he's a good driver and I trust him on his wheels, it's the people on the road I don't trust.

Only 10 days left of his training and he's moving on to the next phase. I can't wait when he takes in calls so he experiences the life of a call center agent.


Anonymous said...

hi mam just asking nman sa husband mo kung mahirap ba magaaply sa pilipinas teleserv tnx...

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