Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sleeping at Work

I dozed off about an hour or so at work earlier today. I find myself dozing off every now and then as this entire week has been a real mess for me. I get about 3-4 hours of sleep each day. With so many errands to run and with only my mom in law to help with the kids, I don't even get to rest after work. I hate dozing off at work, since I feel so inefficient. But these past 2 days, I just can't help it.

The only time I do get to sit down is after I've taken Keisha to school. By that time, my mom in law is putting Nicole to sleep and I can finally sit down, which I use the time to blog.

I also found a nice list of jokes about dozing off at work, and I thought you might want to read it in case you find yourself in a similar situation. Please visit the list of jokes by clicking here.


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