Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hooray Family Movie Night!

The holidays gave me and my family the time to catch up on movies that we've missed over the months. With me working nights and Henry gone almost the entire day, we spend most of our time sleeping. But weekends are a totally different story.

Saturday nights are what we call our movie nights, and we usually curl up in the sofa or take the foam of our bed and spread it on our living room floor equipped with buckets of cheese and butter flavored popcorn, glazed ever so slightly with salt. There are also some days we eat pizza, but it's sort of hard to eat pizza in the dark especially with the toppings falling almost everywhere.

Whenever we plan our Saturday night movie nights, we usually choose movies that teach a moral story, especially for the kids. There are also some nights we watch cartoons that are funny, and some nights we end up watching oldies but goodies movies.

I've heard about the All Roads Lead Home The Movie and I am really looking forward to watching this one with the kids. I'm sure that this movie will teach them a lot of values and has a message that they'll learn a lot from. I like watching movies with a message not just for the kids, but for myself too. I don't want to watch a movie that will leave me with nothing afterwards, wouldn't you? Watch the trailer below and see what I mean.



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