Monday, February 11, 2008

Without a Wink's Worth of Sleep

Tonight (wait, it's already morning) I am staying up and refusing to go to sleep because my daughter Nicole is sick. She absolutely does not want to be put down for any reason and will cry her lungs out if you do. My mom in law just finished a mountain of laundry and her back hurts, so for now I'm in charge of taking care of Nicole.

For me, I actually don't mind because these wee hours of the morning are the hours that I actually work, so I'm pretty used to being awake around this time. Second, since I've started to work again I can't help but feel that I have not been spending time with my kids. At least tonight and tomorrow, I can somehow make up for lost time.

I managed to put Nicole into a somewhat peaceful sleep which I know will not last long. Once her nose gets clogged, she'll be awake in a jiffy and crying again. I have to admit, my arms already hurt, especially since she's really heavy and wiggly, but I don't mind. I love her a lot and I'm glad to be the one taking care of her tonight.


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