Monday, February 18, 2008

Marriage Counseling

One of my co-workers and I were talking about married life yesterday. She got married because her then-boyfriend now husband got her pregnant and their parents had thought that it would be best if the child she was carrying would have parents and that they try to make the relationship work.

I couldn't help but recall what my mom used to tell me frequently - you'll know the real character and personality of someone once you start living under one roof. In her case, that was the truth - her husband turned out to be such a slob and was very irresponsible. They would fight frequently, and she has had several thoughts of leaving her husband and taking her child.

I honestly did not know what advice to give her, except to seek the advice of a Marriage Family Counselor. Since she admits that she is still interested in keeping their family intact for the sake of their child, she is also willing to give the relationship another shot. I hope that Marriage Family Counseling would do the trick for her, and maybe they'll remember what brought them together in the first place. Or maybe, all they need is a good Marriage Retreat to take their minds off of too much stress and problems and will eventually let them communicate better with an open heart and cooler heads.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the success of their family and their married life.


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