Monday, December 28, 2009

Very Proud of Henry

My online earnings came a few hours ago, and I asked Henry to withdraw some money for me. Unionbank, the bank I have tied up to my PayPal account, has an ATM located a few blocks from our house and Henry took his motorcycle to go there. When he came home, he had the money, lechon kawali from Andok's, and a story to tell.

When he walked towards the ATM after parking his motorcycle, he saw a really drunk guy walking outside the ATM door. He even sat down on the area where disabled people go up with their wheelchair to the bank, and unzipped his pants and went for a pee for everyone to see. Since the guy was smaller than Henry and heavily drunk, Henry ignored him and proceeded inside the ATM machine.

Henry already had my Eon card out of his wallet when he saw the machine asking if he wanted another transaction. It was then he realized that there was an ATM card still inside the machine. Out of curiosity, my husband pressed YES and proceeded to make a balance inquiry. He saw that the ATM had Php 52,000 in it. My good husband then went out and tapped the drunk guy outside who had his private part still publicly out after peeing and told him, "Your ATM card and Php 52,000 is still inside the machine." The guy suddenly snapped back to life and said so many words of thanks and drove away in his Pajero that was parked on the bank's parking area.

I thought to myself that if I was the one who had been in that situation, I would have done otherwise. Which is why I am really very proud of my husband for doing the right thing. I know that since he did the right thing, good karma will certainly reward him with much more than Php 52,000.


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