Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thoughts on Web Hosting

I have given serious thought over having my own domain, my own dot com where I can host this blog as well as the others. Since I am really not knowledgeable when it comes to HTMLs or other codes for that matter, I am worried and afraid as to what will happen should I encounter any problems with my blog. Also, since I am already very much used to the interface that my current blogs already use, which is pretty much just drag and drop, I don't think I can get used to another that would require me to do more than that.

With these things in mind, I tried to look for a web site hosting that would give me all of the features I mentioned above. Easy to use, quick customer service, and an affordable price are my priorities. Since I really don't know much about web hosting, it really pays to know as much as I can about it before I take the plunge.

I also came across an article about cheap hosting. Factors to consider like downtime, bandwidth, and support, were tackled in the article I read. It made me realize that just because it's cheap doesn't mean a web host is good or bad. It is really just a matter of evaluating the things that matter and things that you need in terms of keeping your online presence. It's not impossible to find a web host that's affordable, but also works as hard as you do in keeping your site up.

Happy blogging!


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