Friday, October 23, 2009

Arts and Crafts for Kids

It is quite usual for parents to provide the best books, toys and games for their children. However, there are other fun and educational activities that parents can add to their schedule such as arts and crafts sessions. These activities are important tools that can help a child’s general development.

Arts and crafts allow youngsters to be in touch with their creative side and give confidence them to discover how things are made up and look for ways to make things work. They learn how to become creative and resourceful.

As parents, we have to take an interest in their art in order to encourage them to take interest in arts and crafts. They will have arts and crafts projects in school and when they present them to us, we need to show them that the results of their efforts are important to us. Otherwise, we will be sending the wrong message that the results of their efforts are not at all important and worthless. We have to show them we care about their efforts.

Helping them appreciate the value of arts and crafts as kids can lead to a better appreciation of other artworks and other types of arts. We also want to them to love literature for example. We can do this by reading to them from the book or accompany them to watch a well made movie based on that book. We can also let them listen to an audio version of the book. These are effective alternative ways to introduce and let children develop a liking for other forms of arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts also teach kids other important values such as determination – they learn to how to focus at a particular task and do it until they have completed it. They also learn to develop concentration – children learn how to sit and stay put and complete their assignment even while in the midst of many distractions.

By providing an area and schedule for arts and crafts for our children, we can help them understand that there are times that they need to wait to get the results of their efforts evident. It is during this time that they learn how to be patient and be more reasonable.

Arts and crafts activities can help children to develop their confidence in their own skills and abilities. We praise them for the tasks they finish and they learn to take pride in what they can do through their own hard work. gives you all the information you need to start your own daycare business and also has a listing of day care center nationwide.

This is a guest post from Anne Stephanie Cruz of Own A Day Care. Thanks!


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