Sunday, October 18, 2009

Preparing for Keisha's 6th Birthday

For today, I planned on going to Jollibee to inquire about their birthday party packages for Keisha's 6th birthday on the 29th. Inspired by one of her classmates that had the party on their school complete with a character/mascot appearance, I wanted to do the same thing for Keisha and I knew that was what she wanted as well.

I got the kids and myself dressed up and we were going to leave Ron Weasley to our neighbor who also happens to be Henry's aunt. As we were saying our goodbyes to Ron, Henry came home. I knew he was going to come home early, but he is the best when it comes to timing. So we waited for him to change clothes and we all went to the nearest Jollibee.

The Jollibee that is just a few blocks from our house that sank in Typhoon Ondoy (and by sank I mean only the roof was visible and the service crew awaited for rescue and the waters to subside on the roof) was currently not accepting birthday parties as they did not have the materials for it at the moment.

We proceeded to SM Valenzuela and went to the Jollibee there. Sadly, the manager informed me that they no longer accept take out birthday parties beginning this year. Keisha was obviously sad, but there was really nothing we could do. I decided to ask at McDonald's.

Since I am a big fan of McDonald's french fries, we asked about their birthday party packages. We got all the info we needed, and the price including all the invitations, loot bags, thank you cards, party hats, and all of that were included. The only problem is, since the mall opened at 10AM, that would be the time they can accomodate the take out party. Keisha's classes end at 10:30AM, so from 10AM including travel time to their school, there really won't be much time for her party.

As of right now, Henry and I are still thinking about what we can do so that her party at school will be successful. I guess we'll just have food delivered to her school, but having games and prizes would make it extra special for her.


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