Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Terribly Confused

I'm normally not one to judge quickly. Before I make a decision, I always think it through. Well, there are times when I regret a decision I made, but now I just don't know what's wrong and going on.

Lately things in my personal life have not been going too well. It's one of those times wherein Henry and I just don't seem to get along. I can't help but feel sad, and no matter what I do, our tempers always get the best of us and we just start shouting our heads off.

Don't get me wrong, even though things aren't going my way right now, I am sure we'll get through this phase. It's just a phase, I always tell myself that. But sometimes I don't even know what the heck we're fighting about, or why we're even fighting about such a shallow subject.

As I said before, we have our ups and downs, and I guess this is just part of the down phase. I hope we manage to get ourselves quickly out of this as I can't help but feel sad all the time.


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