Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pigging out on Ice Cream

My mom in law, Keisha, and Nicole just got back from Tita Baby's store with ube-flavored ice cream. It took them less than a minute to finish off this container, and now we're trying out the cheese flavored one.

I guess this means goodbye to our so-called diets for now.

And here's Nicole drinking milk from her bottle, wondering what all the commotion about the ice cream is about. She's pretty big for a year and 4 months, don't you think?


Grimm said...

Just the mere mention of ice cream has made me gain 5 pounds. You had to post this AFTER my wife and I started diets.

Chubskulit Rose said...

yeah she does, she actually look very tall even laying down..

Anonymous said...

wow, ube,, miss ko na yan..

Anonymous said...

I never tried that one yet but i like the halo halo one..

Leslie Ann said...

lol! sorry about that. :P

laki nya no? super bigat pa tapos ang hilig magpabuhat. hello back pains kami ng byenan ko all the time.

hehehe...sarap ng ube! yum, yum!

halo-halo flavored ice cream or the halo-halo dessert with the ice and fruits and all? in any case, both taste great.

many thanks to all you guys for dropping by!

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