Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Tiring Day at SSS Valenzuela

Henry and I just came home from a very tiring day at the SSS Office in Valenzuela City. We fell in line for hours and hours so that I could file my Maternity Reimbursement when I was pregnant with Nicole. I had called their Customer Service and I was informed of the requirements that I needed to present which were also the requirements that were listed at the back of the form. When we got there, the hours of falling in line turned out to be just a matter of minutes - the lady at the counter asked me for a totally different requirement that needed me to go back to my previous employer and have them sign a card of some sorts. I also had to write a letter explaining why I was not able to file my Maternity Reimbursement at a sooner time.

I just feel so bad that I had to be tired with Henry. He has to review information about Ilocos prior to his trip on the 31st and yet he chooses to go with me and fix my documents. What I hate even more is the fact that nothing happened with our trip. If it weren't for the money we would be getting as reimbursement I would prefer not to fall in such long lines and wait on counters with snappy government employees. It's ironic that they're snappy at the people who pay their salaries - taxpayers like myself.

I wish that the Philippine government would centralize their data in such a way that it would be easier for people to file and retrieve documents regardless of which branch they go to. Like if you were born in the province and is currently in Manila, you can go to any City Hall and request a copy from it there. In my case, I had to go to SSS Valenzuela because this is where I reside. It's a good thing that it's somewhat near where I live, but what about those who have to travel miles just to get a certain document? I wish improvements in the system will be in place soon. But if soon is too much to ask, at least the system would be organized by the time Keisha and Nicole are older.


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