Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco Certified

Since I work for a technical account in a contact center, I get a lot of exposure to networking tools, computers, routers, and other stuff I didn't know a lot about before. One of my officemates happens to be a graduate of a computer-related course and the Cisco certification is part of their curriculum. I've always wondered exactly what that was, and upon visiting Cisco's website, these words defined it best - "it is the language that connects the world."

Nowadays, if you know a lot about computers, you can be an IT support for a company, a network engineer, and other positions that require computer knowledge (and usually pay more). You can even go to different countries and expand your experience with different types of networking systems which will ultimately enhance your knowledge and make you better at what you do.

My officemate is currently preparing for his Cisco certification exam, and he is both nervous and excited. If he passes (which I hope he does) he will be able to apply for any job anywhere in the world that is related to the field of Information Technology. He will be able to earn a whole lot more than what he currently does, and even though he might be a Filipino, he is of equal standing with other Cisco certified people as they all passed the same exam regardless of race and ethnicity.

I am hoping that he finishes his exam as he already has a job in mind - a network analyst in a company in UK that would pay a 6 figure income each month when converted to our currency. It would mean a lot to his family - his parents can stop working, he can support his brother's college tuition and he just might have enough money to start a business their family can manage. For him and other people who would want to succeed in this modern world of ours, getting Cisco certified is the way to go.

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