Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Really Proud Parent

Keisha's first day of school really went well, I should say. I am extremely proud of her as she could handle herself really well, and she didn't cry at all when we left the room. We were waiting for her just outside her classroom door as she danced, sang, and colored her artwork. I was so extremely proud of her when she got three stars for her artwork which was hung on their classroom wall.

When Henry followed us to Keisha's school and peeked on the door with me, I couldn't stop tears from welling down my eyes as I was extremely proud of Keisha. I felt as though time had somehow passed by and my baby was no longer a baby, but a grown up kid.

I am so happy that Keisha's first day at school went well. She played, danced, and made new friends. Best of all, Keisha had a really great time and is looking forward to another day at school tomorrow.


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