Monday, October 8, 2007

Going abroad is not in my thoughts...for now.

My uncle Jaime who lives in Pasadena recently called me up to ask me if I was interested in nursing jobs in California. He was ready to sponsor me and pay for any expenses that I might incur. He and his wife Nerry were also willing to let me stay at their house for the time being. He sent me a link to view a list of available nursing jobs that would best suit my skills, or at least those I could take courses for here until I was suited for the job. Through the link, I could also choose which state to be employed, and what type of nursing job exactly I would be applying for.

The question I first asked them was not the pay; rather, it was whether I could take my kids with me. When he said he wasn't sure, the thought of leaving my kids and Henry really saddened me. A lot. I had to turn down his offer no matter how good it sounded.

Life is hard, only my husband works, and I have two kids. Of course I need the money and decent work with an equally decent pay would be perfect to supplement our financial needs. But for now, the thought of working in another country is out of the question. I want to be here when they grow. Going abroad is really not in my thoughts...for now.


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