Saturday, September 22, 2007

Staying over at my mom's place

My eldest sister Elena surprised me this evening by suddenly showing up at my house and announced that she will be taking Keisha with her to my mom's place. I didn't want her to go at all since I'd miss her the moment she starts stepping out of my door. Then my mom called on my sister's cell and she told me that my dad would need to have an operation due to a clogged artery. Repeated instances of half of his body going numb were my mom's primary concern, not to mention the problem he's had with his gallstones. She said that my dad often talks about my daughter Keisha and says he misses her a lot. I suddenly got an ache in my heart myself, and I'm still worried over my dad. Imagine the effort he took to drive at night just to pick my daughter up. My mom wasn't kidding, he missed Keisha a lot.

I also hope that Keisha will eat a lot while she's there, because whenever she's sick or just recovered, she has little or no appetite. When Simone had a fever a couple of weeks ago, Keisha followed with matching cough and colds. I guess I shouldn't worry that much anyway, since they have their own pc, Keisha will still be able to play all the pc games she plays here at home. Plus, she's with people who love her, so she won't be harmed or anything. So need for me to worry. But I still miss her. A lot.


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