Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Template's Screwed Up


I initially had on my well-loved Birdie Love template, but since I wanted to try out a three column blog, I had to park that template for a while. My first attempt to download and install a three column template was successful, but it wasn't really the look I had in mind. Yes, it does have three columns but I wasn't satisfied. So I downloaded and applied several other templates, some were successful and some I didn't know what I did wrong since I always get an error message and now, I'm screwed! No matter what template I apply, whether it be the original three column template I was using or the most recent ones, NONE OF THEM WORK!!! When I press Preview, the pop-up window where your blog preview should be gives me an error code that I should inform the Help center of. Now until I find a fix (which I will most likely not since I know zilch about htmls) I'm stuck to the templates blogger has. *sigh*


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