Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mafia and Cheyenne

My American Pitbull Terrier Mafia on the right (she just had her ears cropped) with our new Boston Terrier Cheyenne. They play rough, but it's all good fun. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mobile Blogging

I was pleasantly surprised to come across Google Mobile while thinking of what to post here. This is definitely going to make blogging on the go a whole lot easier and more fun, plus the fact that you can insert pictures you took from your mobile phone into your blog posts. I'll definitely be downloading this and let you know how it goes. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Missed the oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day

What: oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day
When: November 6, 2012
Where: UP Dilliman Bahay ng Alumni

Oh well...I am very sad to say I missed this event. I was looking forward to it for several weeks but I ended up missing it because my arm hurt really bad because of the vaccine.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Custom Posters

Believe it or not. you will need a poster more than once in your life. You might need a custom poster for a birthday party for instance, or perhaps a poster for your event or family gathering. You can also use a custom poster to print out a picture you took, in order to properly showcase and display it.

Custom poster frames are a great way to preserve the posters you've printed and to properly display them as well. You can order different sizes of prints online from many different online shops, and create or design them according to your preference.

If you're looking to create a sign for a store, you should look into having a poster created for it. This will allow you to attract more attention from people who pass by, as well as those who are near the vicinity of your store. There are plenty of reasons why having a custom poster is a necessity, and it is to your advantage to have one created for you.

Once you have figured out how you can use a custom poster, it's time to have one created. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of online stores where you can have a custom poster created according to your liking. You can visit the site to find out more about how you can design and create your very own poster, and how much it will cost to have it printed, depending on the size you want. You should make sure to be as creative as you possibly can in order to make the best looking poster. After all, if you will be displaying it in a public place, it will be visible to a lot of people which is why you should ensure that it looks as good as it can!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Movie Theater Popcorn At Home

Popcorn is probably the most popular snack to eat and have while watching a movie. You don't need a fork or any other eating utensils to eat it - clean fingers will do just fine. Movie houses have great popcorn snacks, and some even offer different flavors like cheese, butter and salt, and other unique flavors. They have their own machines popcorn which ensures that every corn kernel is popped evenly.

Unfortunately, when you prepare your own popcorn at home, it's not as easy nor as delicious as the kind in the movie house. Most of the time, the popcorn you cook in the microwave oven will have kernels that didn't pop, as well as burnt ones, which are usually the first ones to pop. Plus, the flavors are either too salty and too high in calories.

Fortunately, you can get your own machines popcorn for home use. If you're just like me and want movie house popcorn in the comfort of your home, you'll be pleasantly surprised that you can buy your own popcorn machine online. visit the site for more information about movie house popcorn cooked in the comfort of your home. What's great about having your own popcorn machine is that there's no waiting in line for you to get your popcorn. You just need to make a one-time investment in buying the machine - compared to when you go to the movies where you always have to pay for the popcorn. Plus, you can cook as many or as little as you like. You will also have complete control over the flavors you put in - allowing you to count just how many calories are included in one bowl of your home made popcorn. Great popcorn snacks aren't just in the movie houses; you can make them right in the your own home!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

I lost my dad recently. And yes, I still say recently even though I know how to count - it's two months shy of a year.

To say I miss him is an understatement; I still hope with all my might that this is just a bad dream I will eventually wake up from, even though I know it's not. I never thought it was possible to miss someone that the thought of them actually makes your chest hurt.

All the things that happened have been hardest for my mom. I can't help but feel so sad and helpless whenever she's sad. I know it's just a natural reaction, but I hope I could somehow make her smile, or at least ease the loneliness of losing my dad.

I have to admit, my mom and I were not really in the best of terms so to speak. She was strict, I was hard-headed. We never saw things in the same way, and when I got pregnant while I was still in college, I knew I disappointed her. I guess I disappointed her so much she didn't bother attending my college graduation.

She would often say I'd understand her and the things she did when I had a child of my own. And guess what? I never thought these words would come out of my mouth (or type them), she was right.

When I had my first child, things somehow took a turn for the better. She softened up at the sight of her first grandchild, and she wasn't as stern as before. We became closer too, and we became friends. So now, with the loss of my dad, I know everyone's still hurting but I plan on calling her everyday, sending her a text message just to check on her (we live in two completely different cities), and whenever I can, visit her during the weekends. I wish we were friends sooner, even before I had a child. But I guess some lessons are learned the hard way. :)

Funny how this post is entitled Let's Move and Let's Love. I've been trying to convince her and my eldest sister to move in with me and my family for several months already so I can keep an eye out on them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Second Worst Day of My Life

I will not go into details, but yesterday was the second worst day of my life. I'm just writing it down so I don't forget.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Blues?

I've been feeling sad and lonely lately. I don't know...maybe I'm just overworked or something. Whatever it is, I hope to shake it off in the coming days, it's not healthy for me or the people around me. Not to mention the fact that this really isn't what or who I am.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Newest Member of the Family

Henry will be taking home this adorable female pitbull puppy. I'm not sure what to name her; I'm thinking of a name that's not too girly, if you know what I mean. :) Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Stray Bird

A lost and very hungry bird joined our other birds the other day. I don't know if the bird is a he or a she, but the bird sure looks pretty. It was very hungry and was eating what the other birds had dropped. We had a vacant cage, and we put bird seed and sunflower seeds in it, and the bird went inside the cage to eat and drink. I'm glad it won't be hungry anymore.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Firearm License Card

Up to now, I still can't believe my husband's got the G thing, and his license. It's for our protection, and as the saying goes, it's people and not G's that kill people.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Congratulations Nicole!

Congratulations Nicole for successfully finishing Kindergarten! We're all proud of you. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Birds

Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to School???

I am now seriously considering thoughts about going to law school. Seriously.

I finished a pre-law course, Economics, and it will take me another 5 years to complete law school. From there, I'll have to take the bar exam in order to become a real, licensed lawyer.

Part of me is inspired by the impeachment proceedings I watch every Monday-Thursday. I admire the lawyers for having so much knowledge of what to do and what not to do, and how legal proceedings work.

There is also a part of me that wants to take up law for necessity. I'll keep this to myself for the meantime. Lol.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tweeting on Twitter

I've been a member of Twitter for years, but I've never really been active on the site until recently. Now, I'm more into Twitter and update my status there more frequently than I do on FaceBook.

I read a person's comment on Twitter that the people there are "intelligent." Well, that's her opinion and she's entitled to it, but I have to agree with her. It is hard to squeeze everything you want to say in just 160 characters. So, I guess she does have a point. :)

If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'm @isleng17

See you there! Tweet tweet!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I am lucky in many ways, and one of them is work. I have a great job plus great bosses. I mean, who gives their employees gifts for Christmas when they're halfway across the globe? Thanks to my manager Megan. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Three Months

Yesterday marked the third month of my father's untimely and unexpected passing. I'm beginning to hate and dread the 25th of each month.

I don't know, it just seems so unreal to me. You see a name on the grave, a name you can write with your eyes closed, a name you'd know anywhere. And a part of me can't believe that name is there.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Trouble with Me

It's just a few days before the 25th, which marks the third month my dad passed away. Everything, up to now, still seems so unreal to me. Whenever I'm not doing anything, or whenever I see butterflies, a gumamela flower, or suddenly remember something about my dad, I just can't help but feel sad. I know this is a natural reaction, but everything that happened still has not sunk into me yet.

I feel sad whenever I log into my Facebook account and look at the chat window. I often see my dad's name there, but when I think about how he won't ever go online anymore and I can't chat with him anymore I feel really, really sad. I know when I call my parent's house he won't pick up the phone anymore. Most importantly, I won't ever see him again. I feel like my stomach doing cartwheels whenever I think about it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Anonymous Comments

I get a lot of comments for some of my posts - some are useful, and some are just downright senseless. One of the things I would like to point out is that I do not take anonymous comments seriously, and often delete them as I see fit. For instance, a negative reaction on the Enteng Kabisote movie I immediately deleted. Why? Well, aside from the fact that it was anonymous, it was also useless.

If you want to be taken seriously, why not register for an account or at least use your real name instead of hiding under "Anonymous?" If you also really feel strongly towards anything written or featured on this blog, then attach your name to it. Otherwise, it will be treated in the same way as the tons of spam comments this blog gets - straight into the trash.

Monday, January 2, 2012


I hope everyone had a great time spending New Year's Eve. I prepared and cooked a lot of food, but when I was watching the fireworks with my kids and Henry, I couldn't help but cry. I really, really miss my dad. :(

When I was younger, my dad was in charge of the fireworks, being the only man in our house and in my aunt's whom we shared the same compound with (one lot with two different houses on it). He'd light up fountains, 'trumpillios,' and when we were kids we'd light up 'lusis' (not even sure how to spell it, lol). We'd be screaming and shouting as the clock striked 12, as old people said you'd grow tall if you jumped, lol. I'm proof this tradition is so not true.

Well, things will be different now whether I like it or not, and there's nothing I can do about it. I called my mom and my sister after the fireworks were over so we could hear each other over the phone, and all I could say was New Year, since we all were lonely. 

I made this cake out of Nestle cream, condensed milk, butter, and graham cookies with pieces of fruit on top as garnish. This isn't my first time to make this cake - I've made it twice before and all turned out disastrous. If there's anything good during New Year, it was this cake as I finally made the darn thing right.
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