Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getting into the DIY Spirit

I have to admit, life has not been the easiest recently. Finances have been tight, and life in general has been more of a challenge than it ever has been. Thankfully, my husband and I are on the same page when it comes to keeping our expenses down. One of the things we have found useful and beneficial for both of us is doing things ourselves. We are no electricians, carpenters, plumbers, or anything of that sort. But recently, we found out that the things we usually pay for to get fixed are things we can actually fix ourselves.

One of the things I am very proud to say is that my husband and I managed to fix our Maytag washer without having to call for a repairman nor buying a whole new washer. Thanks to the website called PartSelect, we were able to diagnose what was wrong with our washer, order the part that needed to be replaced, and got everything up and running in no time.

I thought of going online and searching for what could have possibly happened when my washer just refused to turn on. I mean, I couldn't be all alone in this world with a Maytag washer that wouldn't turn on, right? After I've checked that it was properly plugged in and that everything was as it should be, I looked for repair websites that would help me. PartSelect not only helped me, but also lists all possible problems with this particular washer. To top everything off, PartSelect also sells the items that you need to replace, and even shows you an installation video! This is especially great if you are not into reading diagrams and manuals that much and prefer to actually see how things are done, like my husband is.

One of the things you will need in order to search for what could be wrong with your home appliances is its model number. I had no idea where to find mine, but the little guy on the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you visit the website of PartSelect showed me exactly where to look. Thanks to this website, all my appliances that do not work the way they should are given a second chance before they are completely replaced, helping us save money in the process.


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