Sunday, January 16, 2011

Auto Repair

Having bought a second hand car, my husband and I have been experiencing several issues with it. Well, since we didn't know the first owner, we weren't sure how the car was treated and all, although its body seems to be in good condition. But well, since the reality is that we currently cannot and do not want to finance a new one, we stuck with a second hand one.

My cousin who lives in Texas is fortunate to have spent only several hundred dollars in a Dallas auto repair shop. He purchased a Chevrolet Silverado but I'm not 100% sure what year/make it was. After assessing the car's condition, they did some minor repairs on it plus a brake job. Now, the car is running as smooth as ever.

So all in all, this got me thinking. Buying a second hand car isn't as bad as some people would think. It really depends on choosing the right one, and then taking it to a trusted repair shop to get anything that might need fixing to be fixed.


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