Saturday, May 8, 2010

Featured on

Recently, I was featured on Loqal on their article about freelancers and freelancing. I cannot say anything else except for the fact that I am extremely flattered with the mention. I've been making a couple of posts on my blog about oDesk and how much I earn from it, but I never seriously thought other people would come to recognize it.

One thing I would like to point out though is the fact that oDesk is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. It entails lots of honest and hard work, and I think you should have a profitable skill even before venturing in the site, like writing, translation, etc.

Sure, I made Php71,000 last month on oDesk, but it wasn't an easy feat. I was almost always short of sleep, and I think I only got out of the house twice in that entire month for grocery shopping. I admit that time management is one thing I have to learn, since I really suck at it, lol! I feel like I'm always rushing through deadlines.

I have also been blessed with extremely great clients who for reasons of non disclosure I can't mention, not only have ongoing projects which I've had for months (some years), are a dream to work with. I know I've been lucky in that part, as some of my other friends get clients but after the project's over, they have to go through the entire process of searching and applying for jobs.

So for anyone who would like to take the gamble of working from home, I sincerely recommend keeping your existing job or whatever source of income you have before you decide to become a full time freelancer. Tread the waters first and make your decision from there. As the saying goes, don't take the plunge blindfolded.


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